Our mission is to foster cross-cultural exchange between women writers, translators, and readers worldwide.


It is a matter of fact that women writers from most literary cultures remain underrepresented in international publishing. Our vision is to improve access to underrepresented voices working from languages read by small populations, as well as writers from less-represented cultural backgrounds in English.

We believe it is important to champion those women writers who have found success nationally yet struggle to get their work recognized across borders.

We also want to amplify voices which are marginalized in their own nations –– as the echo from abroad often proves powerful –– and to celebrate the translators who make the magic happen.

Ultimately, we pursue quality literature while seeking to provide an outlet for diverse perspectives.

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On our blog, we publish poetry and fiction spotlight by women writers from around the world, feature exclusive interviews with writers and translators, and showcase dynamic pieces around the topic of women writers internationally and from a historical lens.

We hope to expand our online publishing platform as we evolve. To find out about submissions, go here.

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Our community of translators and collaborators is inclusive of all genders, ages and people from all backgrounds. We aim to create offline opportunities for meet-ups in the long-run.

We are open to new ideas and collaborations with other initiatives toward a common mission to challenge the status quo in publishing.

Are you a writer, translator or publisher somewhere on the planet with the drive to make that happen?

Get in touch and say hello!


Salwa Benaissa (Editorial director)Cindy Brzostowski (Editor) / Cassandra Bertolini (Editor) / Charlotte Coombe (Contributor) / Izidora Angel (Contributor) / Nathan Fields (Editor and translator, Issue Zero)Elis Yurtsever (Art direction)Jin Kim (Video art & design) Andreea Bora (Logo)