Dear friends and readers,

We hope you’re taking care and staying well. As it happens, you were supposed to read a different kind of letter today. It should have featured an invitation to the May launch parties of our pilot print issue.

These would have been physical gatherings in Prague and Berlin to celebrate Issue Zero, featuring poetry and prose by 26 Czech women writers, 14 translators and artwork by photographer Lenka Rayn H., that would have gone to print at We Make It risograph studio at the start of last month.

It will come as no surprise that all those plans — and many others — have unfortunately been interrupted by the ongoing COVID crisis. Since the situation remains uncertain, the launch of Issue Zero is therefore being postponed until further notice.

Of course, it’s hugely disappointing for everyone who contributed their time and hard work to see the launch delayed. But we also realise that technology remains our ally in these times of physical distancing. We’re currently developing new ways of “translating” some of our print vision into online formats that will do the physical artifact justice. We also hope to make pre-orders of the first print issue available as soon as we can announce a new launch date.

After all, plans change, but never our goal to amplify the voices of women writers across borders. This is not the last you’ve heard from us. We just ask you to be please be patient as we adjust to newer and more precarious realities — lest we forget, we are all in this together!

Wishing you safe, healthy and happy weekend.

Team Plume

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